• Product Description

    The EZ150 is the first socket tester that checks the wiring of 13A sockets and also gives a measurement of the earth loop impedance.

    Conventional socket testers have the weakness that they only confirm that the earth is connected but they don’t indicate how safe it is. A socket with a dangerously high earth resistance could be passed as safe when using a standard check plug.

    Martindale’s T-Safe™ patented technology gives safe, earth loop impedance checking within carefully selected bands, without tripping RCDs and RCBOs.

    The EZ150 is an “advanced socket tester” as described by the Health & safety Executive.

    Item Specification

    Mains Supply 230V (50Hz)
    Earth Loop Impedance Span 0 - 1.7Ω, 1.7 - 5Ω, 5 to 10Ω, 10 to 100Ω, 100 to 200Ω, 200 to 500Ω
    Earth Loop Impedance +/- 10%, +0.3Ω
    Voltage Low Indication <195V
    Voltage High Indication >270V
    Open Earth Indication >500Ω
    Power Consumption <1.6W

    Additional Details

    Type Single Function Testers