• Product Description

    This latest series of multifunction installation tester adds one to the nomenculture and vastly to the value of these testers. The range of 3 instruments are expressly for testing low voltage electrical installations to BS7671. They provide all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

    MFT1711 - The entry level tester offering CAT IV, 3 and 2-wire non trip loop testing with resistance and fault current display, frequency measurement and the largest, brightest and clearest display on the market.

    This now adds a 1 kV insulation test range, Auto RCD tests, 10 mA RCD, programmable (VAR) RCD, ZMAX and true RMS voltage measurement.

    Socket Tester MST210

    The Megger MST210 Socket Tester is a convenient, compact plug-in style tester designed to identify wiring faults at UK 13A 3-pin power sockets.

    Over 17 combinations of wiring fault can be identified including missing wires and incorrect or reversed connections.

    Faults are signalled by 3 bright LED’s on the front of the unit, with a simple diagnosis chart for typical errors included on the label next to the LED’s. 2 green LED’s signal a correctly wired socket, and a third red LED identifies a fault.

    If either green LED fails to light, or the red LED comes on, a fault is present and will require further investigation.

    Voltage Detector VF3

    The Megger VF3 Voltage detector is a compact pen-style instrument to identify the presence of live AC voltages from 90 V to 600 V at 50 or 60 Hz. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled on the VF3 by the illumination of a bright red LED situated within the white nylon tip. The VF3 has the additional feature of an audible warning device actuated simultaneously to the red LED.

    The VF3 incorporates a torch. Extended battery life is achieved by the use of a bright-white LED.


    Two and three wire non trip loop testing for fast repeatable results

    Large bright LCD display showing dual parameters - loop resistance and fault current, insulation resistance and test voltage

    Phase rotation indication for verification of rotating machinery

    3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no earth

    Suite of earths test for electrode resistance measurement

    On-board data storage and Bluetooth® download

    What Is Included:

    Full user guide on CD

    Calibration certificate

    Neck strap - Megger embroidered 

    3 Wire lead set with prods and clips 

    Mains plug test lead (BS1363) (LT300-EN-BS) 

    Additional Details

    Type Multifunctional Testers