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    MEGGER MFT1741 + Multifunctional Tester

    Get accurate results fast by testing your low voltage electrical installations with the MFT1741+ multifunction tester!

    Particularly effective in areas that suffer from high electrical noise, this instrument provides all the tests needed to complete the necessary electrical certifications for industrial, commercial and domestic fixed wiring installations.

    Save time and get non-trip loop testing down to 8 seconds with the MFT1741+’s new Loop Impedance testing technology! This innovative ability also increases the accuracy of results as it prevents the RCD from influencing the total loop impedance value. What’s more, you can measure the degree of confidence in the accuracy of the measured loop impedance, thanks to Megger’s new Confidence Meter measurement analysis (patent pending). This technology uses the digital ARC to indicate the analytical process, then continually monitors and adjusts the measurement when circuit noise is present, resulting in a dramatically improved and repeatable test result.

    You can even test electric vehicle charge points with the MFT1741+! It comes with an automatic EV Charge Point RCD test sequence, including the 6 mA DC test*.

    Easy-to-use and quick to learn, this instrument has no hidden menus or complicated screens but instead has colour-coded function controls that make range selection simple and speedy. Additionally, it can be operated ambidextrously with dual TEST and LOCK buttons at both sides.

    The MFT1741+ is designed for tough environments, with IP54 protection against dust and water and an EN61010 CATIV safety rating. Indeed, the MFT can withstand accidental misuse and voltage transients, keeping you safe on the job.

    NICEIC Calcheck - Resistance Check Card

    Ensuring that your test instrument provides accurate measurements on an on-going basis is strongly recommended.

    The Calcheck is a handy portable device that you can keep with your test instrument(s) to verify the continuity and insulation resistance has not drifted over a period of time. 

    The range of known source fixed resistances built within the Calcheck enables you to verify the readings of your test instrument(s) against the manufacturer’s specification quickly and accurately. Such a flexible device simplifies the verification process and reduces the necessity for sending test instrument(s) off for calibration. 

    Confirming the operation of electrician’s insulation and continuity test instruments is necessary under Regulation 4(2) ‘Systems, work activities and protective equipment’ of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989.

    For more information click here https://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/media/1208/best-practice-guide-7-issue2.pdf

    Manufactured in the UK.


    Testing of Electric Vehicle Charge Points

    Enhanced non-trip loop impedance measurement technology

    “Confidence meter” measurement analysis (patent pending)

    Full single and 3 phase compliant installation testing

    10 mA to 1 A single and 3 phase RCD testing

    Earth testing and stake-less testing for electrode resistance measurement*

    Simple colour-coded test selection

    Ambidextrous operation

    Internal memory and Bluetooth® communications 

    EN61010 CAT IV safety rating and tough IP54 case

    What Is Included:

    Printed quick start guide

    Full user guide on CD

    Calibration certificate

    Switched probe SP5 

    Neck strap - Megger embroidered

    Wire lead set with prods and clips

    Mains plug test lead (BS1363)

    AC battery charger

    Large soft pouch with extra storage

    NICEIC Calcheck - Resistance Check Card

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    Type Multifunctional Testers