• Product Description

    A "calibration checkbox" acts as a known source to measure your instruments against in order to ensure they are still functioning within specification. It's recommended that this is done on a regular basis throughout the year, normally at least once a month. By doing this, many people are able to extend the life of the calibration of their test instruments from one year to three, a significant saving in itself.

    The CalCard (Cal Card) is currently been used by hundreds of Part P registered tradesmen who have been certified and their records checked by inspectors. These professionals are members of various institutes and recognised bodies. To date the Calibration Checkbox CalCard (Cal Card) has been viewed and accepted by NICEIC

    It provides a range of fixed calibration resistance's for confirming the operation of electricians insulation and continuity instruments. This is one of the many compliance requirements of "competent electrician".

    Ensure that an instrument measurement ability does not wander or drift over a determined period.

    It also can function as a simple check measurement when an electrician doubts his meter readings and requires simple verification; this is particularly useful when on site carrying out testing.

    The CalCard is not designed for RCD testing or Zs testing. The unique advantage of the CalCard is it fits in your instrument case where you need it, not as a box lost in in the van or toolbox.