• Product Description

    Kewtech Portable Appliance Adaptor Box (17th Edition)

    Combine this unique adaptor together with a multifunction tester (MFT) or insulation/continuity tester to to transform them into a PAT tester!

    Extremely compact for easy transportation, the PATADAPTOR covers all mandatory tests as defined by the IET Code of Practice, including 250V insulation tests which can be used as a substitute for leakage, earth bond (using a continuity tester) and insulation at 500V or 250V.

    The adaptor includes handy diagrams on the front for the user's reference.

    Transform your existing insulation/continuity or multifunction tester into a PAT tester

    Handy, compact design

    Connection diagram for class I and class II reminds the user of connections

    Covers all mandatory tests demanded by the IET Code of Practice

    Class I tests - perform earth bond using a continuity tester (suitable for IT), and insulation at 500V or 250V using an insulation tester

    Class 2 tests - insulation testing at 500V or 250V using an insulation tester.


    Usable with insulation/continuity and multifunction testers

    Gives 17th edition testers PAT testing capability

    Works with any tester that accepts 4mm test leads

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers