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    Fire detection and alarm systems substantially reduce the risk of death or serious injury from fire and the fire fatality rate is between two and three times greater in premises where a smoke detector isn’t working or present. BS 5839-6 sets out the latest recommendations for fire detection and fire alarm systems in both new and existing domestic premises in order to make them safer to live in.

    Who is this standard for?

    Architects and other building professionals

    Enforcing authorities


    Others responsible for implementing fire precautions in domestic premises

    NOTE: This standard is not intended for occupiers, for whom government advice is published. However, recommendations are given for simple systems that may be installed by non-specialists.

    Why should you use this standard?

    It gives recommendations on planning, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises that are:

    a)       Designed to accommodate a single family

    b)      Houses in multiple occupation that comprise a number of self-contained units, each designed to accommodate a single family

    c)       Sheltered housing, including both the dwelling units and the common areas

    The recommendations apply to both new and existing domestic premises and recommendations for routine attention are also given.

    The systems covered range from those comprising a single self-contained smoke alarm to systems of the type described in BS 5839-1.

    The recommendations in Part 6 may also be applied to the fire detection components of combined domestic fire and intruder alarm systems or fire and social alarm systems.

    Note that the recommendations refer principally to fire detection and fire alarm systems installed for the purpose of life safety. However, recommendations are given for systems that are also intended to protect property.

    Changes since the 2013 edition include:

    • New recommendations for fire detection in supported housing

    • New recommendations on communal fire systems

    • New information on testing and servicing by grade, and revised grades

    To ensure you’re working with the latest standard in this crucial area, you should buy BS 5839-6:2019.

    This part of BS 5839-6:2019 supersedes BS 5839-6:2013, which is withdrawn.

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    Publication Date 30/04/2019
    Publisher BSI
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    Author BSi
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    ISBN (13 digits) 9780580523595
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