• Product Description

    Provides a safe and reliable means of checking the correct functioning of Multimeters and two pole Voltage Indicators (VIs) before and after use as advised in the Working Practice for electricians.  Additionally they have the capability of checking the operation of Non-contact voltage detectors.

    SP400 is a battery powered proving unit. 

    The SP400 will also test two-pole VIs that use small incandescent lamps to indicate that voltage is present.  SP400 has a unique and logical safety function - the test voltage generated is at 50Hz to synthesise a genuine test at AC mains supply frequency - so it will always read correct using the AC range of your Tester or Multimeter.


    Intelligent voltage ramp for testing multimeters and Voltage Indicators

    Generates from 50-690V with a true AC waveform output

    Non-contact voltage indicator test feature

    Powerful enough to light old filament style test lamps

    Automatic operation and turn-off

    What Is Included:

    Socket & See SP400 Proving Unit

    Item Specification

    Output voltage 50 - 690V in five steps of 50V, 100V, 230V, 400V & 690V
    Power supply 6x AA alkaline batteries
    Operating conditions -10 to +35c at 95% RH, non-condensing
    Output frequency 50Hz pseudo sine wave
    Maximum Output power 10W
    Battery Life 10 hours with average use when testing high and low powertesters
    Weight 346g
    Dimensions 130mm (W) x 68mm (H) x 48mm (D)
    LVD BSEN 61010-1 (2010)
    EMC 61326-1 (2006)

    Additional Details

    Type Voltage Testers & Proving Units