• Product Description

    The CB400 truly is the ultimate installation testing checkbox! Forget cheap calibration 'cards' and basic inferior checkboxes - they only perform simple low-level checks. The CB400 checks your installation testing equipment to current wiring regulations. By using the CB400 you can be assured that your test equipment is operating correctly ensuring that your certification is always accurate!

    The Socket & See CB400 works with all leading makes of Loop, Insulation/Continuity and RCD Testers, both multifunction and single operation and offers compliance to - BS EN 61557 Test Instrument Requirements.

    It is designed to be simple to use. Plug the Checkbox into a mains supply, connect your equipment and record the results!

    What Is Included:

    Socket & See CB400

    IECP UKA 13A Plug to IEC Female Connector

    Pair of 4mm Test Leads

    Calibration Certificate


    Non-trip RCD testing method

    Continually validate your instruments through regular self-calibration checks

    Reduces expensive calibration costs

    Null facility to remove lead resistance

    Six Insulation check levels (Plus checks installation testing correct output)

    Five Continuity check levels (Plus checks installation testing correct output)

    Three Loop check levels

    Five checks covering 30mA and 100mA RCD’s

    Checks RCD over current test

    Tough drop-proof watertight case

    Full calibration documentation

    Additional Details

    Type Calibration Checker