• Product Description

    The PDL PRO is a no trip and high current, high resolution digital earth loop impedance tester.

    The Socket & See PDL PRO also features a large backlit display that illuminates when the tester is switched on as well as during testing, making testing easy in poorly lit areas. The unit will automatically power off after approximately 3 mins of inactivity and features a secure protective rubber boot to protect the unit against every day bumps and scrapes. For additional protection, the PDL PRO is also fully protected against accidental phase to phase connection.

    The PDL PRO also uses true impedance technique for accurate measurement of Prospective Fault Current (PFC) and also calculates Prospective Short Circuit (PSC) in the event of a short circuit between the live conductors.


    Socket & See PDL PRO test sequences

    Loop No Trip L-E

    This is a 3 wire test to measure Zs where the circuit is protected by a RCD. Where possible, non-essential electrical equipment should be disconnected to reduce the chance of the RCD tripping as a result of leakage build up.


    Loop High Current L-E

    The High current test is used to measure Ze at the distribution board downstream of any RCD or Zs, where the circuit is not protected by an RCD.


    High Resolution L-E / L-N

    The High current tests are used to measure Ze or Zs, where the circuit is not protected by an RCD. Results will be displayed to 1 mohm resolution


    Hands Free

    The hands free function can be used with any loop measurement. Select the loop measurement required with the rotary dial. Pressed the HANDS FREE button and HANDSFREE will be displayed on the screen. Once the tester is connected, correct voltage and polarity is confirmed and loop test will be conducted without TEST being pressed.


    Volts L-N / L-E / N-E

    Voltage L-N is the tester's default setting. By pressing VOLTS LN-LE-NE the volatge displayed will be toggled. the volatge displayed can be toggled before or after the loop test is carried out.


    PFC / PSC

    After a loop test has been carried out the calculated PFC and PSC can be displayed by selecting PFC L-E / PSC L-N


    Polarity Test Pad

    Touch the touchpad area next to the test button. There should be no change in the indication given. If the Voltage / Polarity LED flashes RED and a warning tone emitted when the touchpad is touched, a potentially dangerous polarity reversal exists.


    The Socket & See PDL PRO is fully BS EN 61010 and BS EN 61557 certified. 

    EMC compliance - BS EN 61326


    What's included:

    • Socket & See PDL PRO
    • Socket & See mains lead inc 3 x 4mm connectors
    • Socket & See PDL PRO instruction manual
    • Magnetic hanging strap
    • 4 x AA batteries


    •  No Trip loop L-E test
    •  High current L-E loop test
    •  High current, High resolution L-E loop test
    •  High current, High resolution L-N loop test
    •  AC Voltage VLN - VLE - VNE
    •  Distribution network operator polarity test pad
    •  PFC / PSC measurements
    •  Hands free function
    •  Polarity, voltage present LED
    •  Auto switch off function for battery preservation

    Additional Details

    Type Socket Adaptors & Testers