• Product Description


    Turn the rotary dial to the required test voltage. Push the test button. During the test the LCD will indicate the test voltage being applied. The result will then be shown.

    Continuity Null

    To ensure greater accuracy when performing continuity tests a lead null should be carried out. This will ensure that test lead resistance is taken into account when testing.


    Turn the rotary dial to the continuity position. Apply test leads to the resistance to be measured and press the test button. To ensure accurate results, the test leads should be nulled.

    Hands Free

    Hands free operation is available for Continuity or Insulation functions. Select the function required with the rotary dial. Press the hands free button. HANDSFREE will be displayed. Once the test button is pressed the tester will continue to perform the selected test until the hands free is deselected, the test button is pressed or the unit is powered off.


    The buzzer function is used for quick and easy “belling out”. Turn the rotary dial to the buzzer function and apply the test leads to the resistance to be measured.

    The Socket & See IRC PRO is fully BS EN 61010 and BS EN 61557 certified.

    EMC compliance - BS EN 61326


    Insulation Test (250V, 500V, 1000V)

    Auto ranging continuity up to 19.99kΩ

    Buzzer facility for “belling out”

    Nulls leads up to 5Ω

    Hands Free function

    Hazardous voltage LED and audible tone

    Auto switch off function for battery preservation.

    Dual insulated wear indicating test leads

    GS38 prods and clips

    Measurement category CAT III 500V (CAT IV 300V)

    The Socket & See IRC PRO features 1,000V testing, with up to 500 tests from a single set of 4 x AA alkaline batteries. Expect even more tests when testing at 250v or 500V.

    Other useful features include a large back lit display and protective rubber over mold, making the IRC PRO a versatile unit suitable for many environments. The unit is also fully protected against accidental connection to the mains, an often easy and expensive mistake. 

    What is Included:

    Socket & See IRC PRO

    Socket & See IRC Pro Manual

    Socket & See mains lead inc 3 x 4mm connectors

    Magnetic hanging strap

    4 x AA batteries

    Additional Details

    Type Multifunctional Testers