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    This course has been designed to give practising electricians a better understanding in the use of test instruments as part of the certification or reporting process. The course provides a good starting point for those wishing to either refresh skills and knowledge or who want to progress onto a more in-depth inspection and testing training qualification.



    This course is aimed at contractors who have started to complete testing as part of their role. There are no formal entry requirements to attend the course; however it is ideally suited to practicing electricians that have not carried out inspection and testing since qualifying. This course is not suitable for non-practicing electricians.



    Safe isolation

    Continuity Insulation Resistance

    Earth electrode testing (de-energised method)

    Earth electrode testing (energised method)

    External earth fault loop testing

    Prospective fault current testing

    Impedance testing

    RCD testing

    Functional testing.


    The course will give you knowledge of how to complete tests in-line with those required by BS7671: June 2008 (2011). The tutor will mentor you through a number of testing scenarios to ensure after completing workshop you can complete all of the required tests. This is a practical workshop and you are encouraged to bring your own test instruments so you can learn how to use it to its full capacity and have confidence in the results it produces. 

    Additional Details

    Duration 1 Day
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