• Product Description

    The Testo 317-3 CO monitor detects the presence of carbon monoxide in the surrounding area and warns the user both visually and audibly about dangerous gas concentrations e.g. when installing and servicing gas heaters.


    3 year warranty on CO sensor

    Visual and audible alarm

    No zero phase, instrument can be used immediately

    Adjustable alarm threshold

    CO zeroing at site

    Self-test function

    Item Specification

    Operating temperature -5 to +45°C
    Battery type 2 batteries Type AAA
    Battery life 150 h
    Probe CO
    Measuring Range 0 to +1999, ppm
    Accuracy ±3 ppm (0 to +29 ppm)
    ±10 ppm (0 to +99 ppm)
    ±10 % (+100 to +1999 ppm)
    Resolution 1 ppm

    Additional Details

    Industry Gas
    Type Carbon Monoxide Monitor