• Product Description

    312C Operating Instructions

    To measure temperature with this unit follow these simple instructions:

    Selecting Fahrenheit or Celsius mode:

    With the unit “OFF” press and continue to hold the ON/ OFF button.

    The LCD will alternate between °F and °C. Release the ON/OFF button when desired measurement mode appears on the LCD

    Remove the protective sheath from the stem.

    Press the ON/OFF button.

    Insert stem into area or object to be tested. At least 1/2” of the stem must be inserted.

    Warning: The stem is a sharp and pointed object which can be dangerous.

    The Data Hold function is used by pressing the D-H button when taking a measurement. The measurement will flash on the LCD when Data Hold is in use. To return to normal function, press and release the D-H button a

    second time.

    Press the ON/OFF button to end operation, or the unit will automatically power off after 35 minutes.

    To reverse the LCD to suit your viewing angle:

    Insert a small coin into notch in curved area “B”, then gently pry portion “A” from “B”. Shielded wires will keep the two parts connected. Twist the area “A” 180° and snap back into area “B”.


    Compact easy to use thermometer with large display. Auto field calibrate to ±2˚F in less than 10 seconds using ice water.

    Field calibrate to ±2°F

    Easy-to-read LCD

    Data Hold for hard to reach areas

    Penetration tip

    Auto off

    3.1 mm stem for fast response

    4.9 inch stem for insertion in liquids and semi-solids

    IP Rating IP67

    3-year limited warranty

    Item Specification

    Temperature Range -58°F to 300°F (-50°C to 150°C)
    Accuracy +/-2°F (+/-1°C)
    Resolution 0.1°F
    Sample Rate 1 reading every 1.5 seconds
    Stem Length 4.9"
    Tip Type Penetration
    Water Resistant Yes
    Water Proof N/A
    °C / °F Selectable Yes
    Data Hold Yes
    Auto Off Yes
    Battery Type LR44

    Additional Details

    Type Thermometer