• Product Description

    TPI SP341 Smart Single Temperature Meter

    K-Type Thermocouple Thermometer Smart Probe.

    Temperature Tester.

    Low Battery Indicator.

    (Red LED flashing on.)

    Battery type : AAA x 3

    Bluetooth 4.2

    Use with ANY “K” type probe with sub mini connector (examples over)

    Smart phone app allows easy documentation that you can share with your customer. Reduce paperwork and save time! Perform differential temperature tests.

    CK15M K-Type Temperature Probe with Sub-Mini Connector

    Heavy-duty contact surface probe for HK11M handle. Application: Contact temperatures on flat and uneven high temperature surfaces. 

    FK13M Type-K Penetration Probe

    Pointed tip penetration probe for HK11M handle. General purpose penetration into semi-solids and liquids.

    A926 Zipper Case


    The TPI SP341LK Smart Legionnaires Temperature Kit includes:

    TPI SP341 Smart Single Temperature Meter

    TPI CK15M Type-K Heavy Duty Surface Probe

    TPI FK13M Type-K Penetration Probe

    TPI A926 Zipper Case

    Additional Details

    Type Temperature Kit