• Product Description

    The 608BT Digital Manometer with Bluetooth® Communication measures pressure or vacuum in four units of measure. Single input manometer with +/-150mBar range. Four units of measure: inH2O, mBar, KPa, PSI and mmH20. Backlight display.

    View LIVE readings on the TPI View App. Details below!

    Perform Manual or Automatic Let-By/Tightness Tests

    Colour coded “Outside Permissible Leakage Tolerances” of 0.25 mBar for Pipework Only Testing

    View Initial Test Value & Current Value simultaneously, whilst carrying out the tests

    View Initial Test Value, Final Test Value & the Differential Value at the end of each test

    Serial No. visible in app & on reports

    Allocate a unique reference to each reading report

    Send reports to multiple e-mail recipients

    +/- 150 mBar range & 0.01 mBar resolution

    Hook & Magnets on the back of the manometer for hands free use while using the app

    Item Specification

    Measurement Range ±150mBar
    Display 4 Digit LCD with backlight
    Input Type Single (1/4” Barbed)
    Resolution (max) 0.01” H2O
    Accuracy +/-1% of full scale
    Functions One Touch Zero, Back-light, Selectable units of measure
    Units of Measure 4 Units (inH2O, mbar, KPa, PSI)
    Battery Type 9V Alkaline
    Battery Life 200 hours (Typical)
    Auto Power Off 40 minutes

    Additional Details

    Type Manometer