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  • Head protectors are essential for site workers and the safety requirements of workers needing protection from falling objects or striking against fixed obstacles.

    £3.99 (£4.79 inc VAT)
  • Dehn 1KV electricians insulating safety helmet made from robust and lightweight ABS plastic material.

    £47.12 (£56.54 inc VAT)
  • Dehn Arc Protective Gloves PPE, ideal for maintenance, repair work and fuse pulling applications.

    £82.24 (£98.69 inc VAT)
  • Dehn glove storage bag for safe storage of PPE safety gloves .

    £70.20 (£84.24 inc VAT)
  • Allows quick installation of an adjustable anchor that is longer than two meters.

    £101.67 (£122.00 inc VAT)
  • The ASAP SORBER lanyard connects to the ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope in order to protect it during certain work phases. It is equipped with a tearing energy absorber located in a zippered fabric pouch to protect it from abrasion while allowing for regular inspection. This lanyard is available in two lengths for a choice of the best balance between distance from the rope and reducing the fall length.

    £18.75 (£22.50 inc VAT)
  • With its unique locking system, the ASAP is a reference product in fall protection for workers at height. In normal use, the device moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention and accompanies the user in all his movements. In case of shock or sudden acceleration, the ASAP locks on the rope and stops the user. The ASAP may also be combined with an ASAP'SORBER energy absorbing lanyard to work at a distance from the rope.

    £119.58 (£143.50 inc VAT)
  • Save your knees with the latest in EN 14404 certified knee protection (Type 2, Level 1). Extremely efficient and comfortable Snickers kneepads ready for the patented Snickers Workwear KneeGuard positioning system.

    £12.00 (£14.40 inc VAT)
Results 1 - 12 ( of 19 )