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  • KNIPEX Cobra Waterpump Pliers 46mm Capacity PVC Grips 250mm. The Knipex 87 01 series of Cobra water pump pliers have automatic adjustment and can be opened and adjusted directly at the workpiece with one hand.

    £38.27 (£45.92 inc VAT)
  • KNIPEX Long Nose - Side Cutters 200mm VDE Grips. The Knipex 2616200 200mm long nose side cutters have long flat round jaws that are highly loadable, with elastic precision points with blades for hard wire diameter.

    £45.33 (£54.40 inc VAT)
  • KNIPEX Self Adjusting Wire Strippers 0.2-6mm. These Knipex KPX1262180 are used for single, multiple and fine stranded cables 0.2 up to 6.0 mm sq. with standard insulation.

    £50.43 (£60.52 inc VAT)
  • KNIPEX Insulation Wire Stripping Pliers VDE Grips 160mm. The Knipex 11 06 160 end Wire Strippers are made from a good quality special tool steel which is oil hardened for a longer usage life and better durability than other cutters in its class.

    £41.80 (£50.16 inc VAT)
  • KNIPEX Elektro Pack - VDE Plier Set (3). The cutting edges are ideal for hard and soft wire. These pliers have been VDE tested up to 1,000v and are suitable for versatile use on almost any job application.

    £74.99 (£89.99 inc VAT)
  • STANLEY FatMax Soft Grip Plier Set. The Stanley 484488 FatMax plier set is ideal for any type of trade or just for around the home - as you have never seem to have any pliers when you need them for a quick repair job.

    £24.05 (£28.86 inc VAT)
Results 1 - 10 ( of 10 )