• Product Description

    This advanced 600 Amp AC/DC clamp meter features a 160 x 120 thermal resolution for Infrared Guided Measurements (IGM) that helps provide a visual of hot spots and overloaded circuits from a safe distance. The CM275 also provides wireless connectivity for quick communication to the FLIR InSite app.


    Troubleshoot Faster and Safer

    Identify electrical issues quickly with the power of IGM.

    Scan entire targets for electrical issues with up to 160 x 120 thermal resolution

    Safely check for live connections using non-contact temperature measurement

    Pinpoint exact hot spot locations with laser or crosshairs

    Easily reach difficult, dark locations thanks to narrow jaw and built-in worklights

    Diagnose Efficiently

    Quickly verify problems, check loads, and validate hot spots.

    Diagnose complex systems with high and low voltage measurement capabilities

    Use advanced electrical features including VFD mode, True RMS, and LoZ

    Expand measurement capabilities to 3000 A AC with FLIR Flex Clamp accessories

    Rely on the protection of CAT IV-600V, CAT III-1000V safety ratings

    Document & Share Results

    Store data or share wirelessly for improved workflow.

    Store electrical measurements and thermal images internally, for later review

    Wirelessly connect to FLIR Tools or FLIR InSite workflow management application for streamlined documentation and sharing


    Inspecting and servicing plant equipment

    Troubleshooting and diagnostic

    What Is Included:


    Silicone Test Leads

    Soft Carrying Case

    Item Specification

    IR Resolution 160 x 120 (19,200 pixels)
    Temperature Sensitivity 150mK
    Temperature Accuracy 3°C or 3%
    Temperature Range 14 to 302°F (-10 to 150°C)
    Field of View 50.0° x 38°
    Focus Fixed
    Thermal Imaging Palette Iron, Rainbow, Grayscale
    Continuity Check 30Ω
    Data Logging & Storage 10 sets of 40K scalar measurements, 100 images
    Jaw Opening 35mm (1.38in) 1250 MCM
    AC/DC Volts Range: 1000V
    Accuracy: ±1.0%
    AC/DC Amps Range: 600.0A
    Accuracy: ±2.0%

    Additional Details

    Type Thermal Imaging